We have always been committed to create development and growth conditions in compliance with the needs of our generation and the next generations to come. In 2013 we created the new technological hub aiming to have high operational, production and energetic efficiency.

This modern building is equipped with a photovoltaic system plant (1201218kW in one year) and geothermal system, granting a strong CO2 emissions’ reduction (63000 CO2 kg reduction in one year), aiming to become Carbon Neutral by 2030.

Sustainabilty roadmap Valtenna
Our Light Core boxes’ weight is 40% lower thanks to the use of corrugated cardboard instead of rigid cardboard, maintaining the same robustness and functionality
The end of life recyclability is higher thanks to our mono-material packaging
Collapsible boxes reduced transport and storage volumes
We use water and vegetable based inks in order to reduce the chemicals
We replaced PS, PET and PVS internal fitments and thermoformed with paper and multi-layer corrugated cardboard
We increased the use of recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, FSC™ and PEFC™ certified raw materials
We use solar energy to produce 1,201.218 KW/year
A production plant with an A+ energy system based on photovoltaic and geothermal systems
Thanks to 4.0 technology we can use data intelligence and localized stocks areas in to reduce space usage and increase productivity
We created green areas to improve our emplyees’ well-being
We automatized the semi-finished products’ handling in order to reduce the workers’ effort
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Our focus on processes and products

Our activities’ development is based on the improvement of our economics, financial and management processes. We are committed to create value and improve our employees and stakeholders’ life quality. One of our goal is to provide a significant benefit for the environment we live and work in and we always focus on maintaining a long time ecological equilibrium.


Sustainability Report

We used our company data to measure the impact that our activities have on the territory and Stakeholders and to set targets for improvement and reduction of these impacts.

Our commitment translates into a path of virtuous and responsible behavior, which we intend to continue, constantly measuring and documenting the progress made.


Careful selection of raw materials’ suppliers

Selection of raw materials’ certified suppliers

Waste management optimization

Semi-finished and finished products’ transport improvement


Cooperation with local nonprofit organizations

Charitable contribution of personal protective equipment during the pandemic

Financial assistance during the pandemic

Support to local health facilities


Carbon footprint calculation and emissions’ reduction planning

Photovoltaic and geothermal systems to produce hot and cold air

Exclusive use of energy produced using renewable sources

Energy produced using renewable sources